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WPT Pumpenantriebe

Engine Driven Products - Power Pump Drives

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. offer a full range of WPT Engine Driven Equipment. We hold stock of all WPT Power Pump Drives. Available in various sizes and models. Our large stock ensures prompt delivery and reduced lead times.

WPT Power Pump Drives (PPD) are mounted between the power take-off and the engine. This a rugged and versatile unit providing for multiple live or clutched pumps. Flexible couplings are situated on the input side of all WPT PPDs to dampen torsional vibrations and compensate for misalignment.

Power Pump Drives can be provided with a variety of SAE engine housings, power take-off clutches, SAE pump drives, and accessories. All units mount to standard SAE flywheel housings and provide up to 8 pump mounting faces.

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. offer a full range of WPT Power Pump Drives. Available in four sizes, featuring maximum torque capacities from 413 lb-ft [560 Nm] through 4650 lb-ft [6300 Nm] and operating speeds from 2,100 rpm to 3,000 rpm.

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