1. Low Inertia Brakes for Uncoiling

    Low Inertia Brakes for Uncoiling

    A large part of WPT’s success in the metal forming industry has been the ability to adapt to the many applications needed to arrive at a finished product. From shearing to stamping and bending to slitting, our clutches and brakes can be found performing to, and in some cases exceeding machine manufacturers’ expectations.

    Recently, the applications team was called on to provide a solution for a tensioning brake application for a slitter line manufacturer. The customer needed a tensioning brake that was small but could still handle the heat generated by the application. After a thorough analysis of the data, it was decided that an air-cooled, Low Inertia Brake was the appropriate model for the job.


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  2. Proud Sponsor!

    Proud Sponsor!

    We are proud to be sponsoring the Whaley Bridge AFC U12’s boys kit for the next 2 seasons! We all look forward to supporting the local team and we wish them the best of luck for the forthcoming season competing in the Stockport Metro League.

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  3. Distributor of the Year for 2021!

    Distributor of the Year for 2021!

    WPT Power Corporation is a leading global manufacturer of a wide range of mechanical power transmission and winch products. The products are used in heavy-duty industrial applications and are used to operate, control and transfer power and torque.

    Industrial Clutch Parts distribute the full range of WPT products and are the major European distributor for the Mechanical PTO units. Customers are served in a varied group of industries, including Energy, Agriculture, Forestry, Marine,

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  4. ISO9001 - 2015 Latest News!

    ISO9001 - 2015 Latest News!

    Does the quality of products and processes matter to you and influence which companies you do business with?

    It certainly does to us at Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd., which is why it’s important to demonstrate our commitment to quality through accreditations.

    We are proud to announce that we have just retained and renewed the ISO9001 - 2015 which means our customers can be assured we operate a Quality Management System covering the scope of Supply, Storage, Distribution, Assembly of Clutch and Brake Systems, and Supply of Friction Materials to our chosen markets.

    How are the certifications awarded? Renewed every three years, after a full audit of the company and its processes the standard is dedicated to guarantee safe, reliable, and good quality products and processes.

    ISO9001- 2015 Quality Management demonstrates that our company and team are able t

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  5. Girol Rotating unions

    Girol Rotating unions

    Girol Rotating unions

    Girol rotating unions are used in a wide variety of applications, especially in steel, paper, rubber and plastic, chemical, food, glass, packaging industries, and many other sectors. Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd is proud to be the UK Distributor for this well-respected brand.

    Available from single to multi-passage versions and with different sealing principles.

    Girol rotating unions have the ability to transfer fluids such as water, hot oil, air, compressed air, and vacuum.  

    Interchangeable with leading manufactures on the market, including Deublin.

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  6. Europort 2021

    Europort 2021

    Europort 2021 concludes after reuniting the shipping and offshore industries in Rotterdam last week, with participants offering a resounding endorsement for the return of in-person maritime events. In its 40th edition, Europort has been more than a success and has proved itself as a fantastic promotion of the Netherlands and Rotterdam.

    Overwhelmingly positive feedback from exhibitors and visitors at the conclusion of Europort 2021 demonstrated how keenly the maritime industries have been awaiting the resumption of in-person events. Hosted by Rotterdam Maritime Capital, some 800 maritime companies from 43 countries participated at Rotterdam Ahoy November 2-5 to welcome almost 20,000 high quality visitors from 79 countries worldwide.

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  7. River Foss Barrier

    River Foss Barrier

    Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. recent success story involves the gate and latch systems at the River Foss Barrier in York. ICP engineers provided a number of fail-safe emergency brakes and hydraulic power units (HPU’s) to operate the River Foss Flood Barrier. ICP supplied a braking system that features a triple fail-safe system of torque-limited service brake with twin parallel e-brake systems as backup, for maximum safety & integrity.

    After many years of flash flooding, the York Water Authority commissioned the River Foss Barrier. The main aim of the defense is to prevent backwash from the River Ouse into the River Foss causing flooding upstream of the River Foss. When in an open position the barrier is held horizontally above the river, barges and boats pass underneath while regular, and efficient maintenance can be performed.

    The normal water level at York is established at 5m. Once the River Ouse reaches 7.8m the alarms sound a

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  8. Rotterdam Ahoy 2021. We can't wait to see you!

    Rotterdam Ahoy 2021. We can't wait to see you!

    Industrial Clutch Parts will be exhibiting at the Europort 2021 exhibition in November. Based in Rotterdam Ahoy.

    • Dates: November 2-5 | Rotterdam Ahoy.
    • Stand: Booth 5113

    ICP specialises in complete brake and clutch units for industrial, marine, and energy applications. During the exhibition week, ICP will showcase heavy-duty industrial brakes, clutches, and component parts suitable for marine applications. Trusted by leading manufacturers such as WPT Power 

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  9. What is a Dog Clutch?

    What is a Dog Clutch?

    Dog clutches are specialised claw couplings available for static or rotating operations. Used to connect a motor to an output shaft or shaft-to-shaft where the user wants to occasionally, manually disengage the drive between the two.

    Dog Clutch is a type of clutch that uses intervention to link two rotating shafts or other rotating components like gears. It is most commonly used in the constant mesh gearbox. It functions by mating a set of regularly spaced teeth or protrusions on one half of the clutch mechanism to a set of identical recesses on the other.

    This type of clutch engages not by friction but by interference. It has the benefit of allowing both shafts to turn at the same speed without slipping and with minimal clutch wear. Dog clutches cannot be used to control torque as is the case with a friction clutch. The two parts of the clutch are designed in such a way that one will push the o

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  10. 2021 Economic Growth

    2021 Economic Growth

    Exactly one year on from the publication of Manufacturing Outlook’s worst results in the survey’s history, the mood music has changed dramatically.

    In what has recently been a dejected pattern of quarters for the industry, manufacturers are now finally able to look to the future with earnest confidence. The industry is certainly not without its challenges, both ongoing and new, but the sector has now demonstrated that it can generate growth despite the still perilous circumstance.

    The first of these antagonising musketeers comes in the form of the novel Trade Cooperation Agreement (TCA) between the UK and the EU. The onus of new protocols and paperwork wreaked havoc for British exporters in the first quarter of the year, reflected in the 40% drop in exports to the EU in January. Since then, businesses have overcome many of the hurdles imposed on them by this new arrangement, with the Make UK report detailing significant export improvements compared to the start of th

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