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Sibre Brakes

Sibre Brakes

Sibre Brakes


Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. is a specialist distributor for Sibre Brakes & Spare Parts. ICP has extended its range of disc and drum brakes to include heavy industrial brakes by Siegerland Bremsen. ICP offers the complete package of Sibre products, suitable for various industrial applications including Container Handling, Steel Mills, Mining and Wind Turbines.

ICP offers a vast range of quality disc, drum, and caliper brakes manufactured by Sibre. Used throughout a wide range of heavy-duty industrial applications, Sibre is particularly well-renowned for their electrohydraulic thruster actuated designs providing safety and reliability on cranes in ports, steelworks and other material handling applications. ICP also provide Sibre storm brakes, safety and back up brakes, discs, drums and associated components for the supply of a complete package system.

In addition, ICP also offers the Sibre TE-I imperial drum brake that meets the needs of all types of applications requiring an imperial solution. The Sibre TE-I also features a unique lever synchronisation linkage that eliminates the need to manually adjust the shoe air gap.

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